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Hi guys,

I built a board with PIC18F2550, a 28 pin microcontroller, to use it for our projects, and using USB instead of serial communication.

I searched for simple solutions - simple code, simple hardware.

I named this board FreeJALduino because is derived from Freeduino design and because initially I wanted to use JAL language. You can rename it what ever you want and use it without restrictions, commercial or not.

This board can be used for windmill controllers/loggers, a USB CNC Router, weather stations, and anything else we need.

We can program it with JAL or Swordfish Basic using USB-CDC protocol (which will permit using the already developed software of Glenn and Gordon using a virtual serial port on USB) or with Arduino language, using Pinguino IDE of Jean-Pierre Mandon.
In time, I will provide tutorials for all three variants and I will port the controller/logger existing software for it. I will not bother you with Linux, only for somebody wanting this. Otherwise, only Windows.

This board can be used for learning/testing purposes, but also for production. Of course, the final hardware (after testing) can be redesigned for the target application.

This board will require a USB bootloader to be burned first.

Here is a little movie with the first test of the board. And if you scroll this page, you will see how daughter boards (specific application boards) can be attached to the main board. Or you can simply use it with a breadboard.

Why a USB development board? Because the old hardware can't be easily replaced when it crash. And you know, the modern computers come without serial and parallel ports.

If 18F2550 is not enough, then look here.

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